On Thu, 08 Apr 2010 17:18:33 +0700, Oleg Blazhyievskyi wrote:

> Here is my build of gimp
> Download Url
> [...]
> but there is one bug it doesn't remember single window mode
> settings, so you have activate this setting every time when you
> restarting gimp

Maybe it could be implemented the way Dia does (at least on Windows):
if the executable is launched directly, Dia starts like GIMP today,
i.e. independent toolbar and diagram windows; if the executable is
launched with the --integrated option, then Dia starts in single window

By default the Windows installer creates a start menu / desktop
shortcut with the --integrated option included, so I suspect the average
Windows user does not even know it could be otherwise (not bad in my
opinion, because the GTK+ Windows port does not behaves exactly the
same as in Linux native and so the desire for single window mode).


Cristian Secară
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