This is a request to put the Resynthesizer plugin in the Gimp project.

The author, Paul Harrison, has given me permission to maintain

I am an unaffiliated computer scientist and have developed in C, Python,
and Scheme under Unix, Linux, and MS Windows.

I have studied the Resynthesizer code and created a short list of bug
fixes, performance enhancements, and refactorings (breaking one large
source file into many, and splitting the resynthesizer into an engine
and a GUI.)

If that's agreeable, I will learn Gimp development processes and create
the proper make files etc before uploading a new version to the Gimp
project.  Also, internationalize where necessary.  (But not recode to
Gimp style?)

The Resynthesizer package includes:
  the engine written in C++, with its own GUI of settings
  several plugins written in Scheme that call the engine:
    Smart enlarge
    Smart remove selection (now called "Heal selection")

I would like to include plugins that call the resynthesizer, by other
  Uncrop - synthesizes a larger image, same perspective, wider view.
    Written by me.
  Fill resynthesized pattern - fills with a pattern, but a random 
    texture instead of a regular tiling.  Written by Rob A

Currently the resynthesizer package is distributed by Debian and other
organizations.  I have corresponded with the Debian builder of
resynthesizer, but he is not the maintainer and relies on the author's
downstream source.

I believe it is one of the most useful and popular plugin packages.
Putting it in Gimp and getting the bugs fixed would help many users.

I would be glad to provide more details.

Lloyd Konneker


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