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On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 5:03 PM, lloyd konneker <boo...@nc.rr.com> wrote:
> The Resynthesizer package includes:
>  the engine written in C++, with its own GUI of settings
>  several plugins written in Scheme that call the engine:
>    Smart enlarge
>    Smart remove selection (now called "Heal selection")

I don'nt believe the developers will accept it since it's written in
C++. I would be happy to see this plugin as a part of GIMP, but
believe that it will have to be re-written in C (if you need objects,
use GObject instead which is the the object library for C that gimp
uses) in order for it to be included.

There is nothing against including new plugins. Hoever, the fact that
it's in C++ (and the fact that it's not in the gnu coding style -
although this is minor) will make it hard to maintain for people who
don't know C++.
I just gave a look at the source - it's not too big (only 980 lines
and less than half of them are the algorithm) and the usage of C++ is
very minor. It shouldn't be too hard to port the plugin to C (al
least, this is the impression I got).

I would really like to see resynthesizer included with GIMP - I do
hope it will be accepted, even if it will require a bit of rewriting
some small parts of the code.

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