On Wednesday, June 30, 2010 19:45:06 Michael Grosberg wrote:
> Is there an official guide for compiling the latest development release,
> Gimp 2.7.1, on Linux?
> I have Ubuntu 10.04 but I'm not a programmer, and the installation
> instructions on the gimp.org website are geared towards people who know
> what they are doing. Which I'm not - and thereofre they are meaningless to
> me. There are several guides to compiling Gimp on the web, but they all
> seem different and since I don't understand what I'm doing I'm afraid I'll
> muck something up if I choose the wrong one - or just waste my time.
Look around in ubuntu forums. I think i've seen guides for at least git 
builds. 10.4 is new enough that you need to build just babl, gegl and gimp 
from source. If the instructions you find are for git, skip any git bits, 
extract your sources from respective tar-s and substitute ./autogen.sh with 

> Alternatively, are there any plans to provide binaries to this version
> anytime soon?
All binaries are provided by 3rd parties. There is an ubuntu PPA already that 
keeps up with git. This release is most likely going to be among them.
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