On Friday, July 02, 2010 23:24:07 Michael Grosberg wrote:
> Alexia Death <alexiadeath <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > Its a known issue at least for me with GTK. Under some obscure
> > conditions GTK stops calling the input callback for non-extended
> > devices, if extended devices are present. It's a really strange bug,
> > because randomly on some gimp starts everything works, and then again
> > its not working. Disable any extended devices that you have enabled
> > and it should work.
> Ooh, I just found out that the mouse was disabled as a pointing device! I
> enabled it and now everything works.
O_o This either didnt work for me, or i didn't try it... If it does actually 
work with the same symptoms I had, it may help tracking down the bug. Enabling 
mouse as an extended device has never been mandatory before and feels like a 
> OK, last question about this release: when I try the text tool, there's a
> floating toolbar that hover over the top left side of the text frame. It
> seems like it's supposed to allow me to change the text style/size/etc on
> the selected text block, but it's always grayed out and I can't interact
> with it. The controls on the text dialog alway control the entire text
> block, not just the selection.
> Is this a bug or the current status of the tool?
Its a bug in GTK with extended devices and I believe a direct result of your 
fix to your previous problem. In your case, with tablet not working anyhow, 
just disable any and all extended devices that seem active and it should work 
as any ole toolbar.
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