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> Its a known issue at least for me with GTK. Under some obscure
> conditions GTK stops calling the input callback for non-extended
> devices, if extended devices are present. It's a really strange bug,
> because randomly on some gimp starts everything works, and then again
> its not working. Disable any extended devices that you have enabled
> and it should work.

Ooh, I just found out that the mouse was disabled as a pointing device! I
enabled it and now everything works. 

OK, last question abou tthis release: when I try the text tool, there's a
floating toolbar that hover over the top left side of the text frame. It seems
like it's supposed to allow me to change the text style/size/etc on the selected
text block, but it's always grayed out and I can't interact with it. The
controls on the text dialog alway control the entire text block, not just the

Is this a bug or the current status of the tool?

> On your tablet, theres a patch floating around for linuxwacom that
> adds the serial support back. It wasnt accepted to mainline because it
> broke some serial screen tablets and its creator has not fixed it. But
> as a theoretical way to use your old tablet again, its there.

Thanks, I'll try to track it down.

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