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> Something to do with GTK maybe?
> Or possibly with Xorg.conf? I did attempt unsuccessfully to install my tablet
> (which is old and apparently no longer supported by LinuxWacom)m but I don't
> think I did any harm to the xorg.conf file, and anyway, other apps seem to be
> working fine, it's just the canvases on both Gimp and Inkscape.
> Any ideas?

Its a known issue at least for me with GTK. Under some obscure
conditions GTK stops calling the input callback for non-extended
devices, if extended devices are present. It's a really strange bug,
because randomly on some gimp starts everything works, and then again
its not working. Disable any extended devices that you have enabled
and it should work.

On your tablet, theres a patch floating around for linuxwacom that
adds the serial support back. It wasnt accepted to mainline because it
broke some serial screen tablets and its creator has not fixed it. But
as a theoretical way to use your old tablet again, its there.
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