Cameron Gregory <public <at>> writes:
> (uses 10.04 LTS Ubuntu)
> very easy to use :)
> Cameron

Thanks Cameron and Owen! I managed to install it according to those 

But something strange has happened: Gimp won't recognize any mouse clicks
on the canvas. I can use dialogs and press toolbar buttons but I can't
draw on the canvas. Stranger still, it affected Inkscape which now behaves
the same way.

Something to do with GTK maybe?
Or possibly with Xorg.conf? I did attempt unsuccessfully to install my tablet
(which is old and apparently no longer supported by LinuxWacom)m but I don't
think I did any harm to the xorg.conf file, and anyway, other apps seem to be
working fine, it's just the canvases on both Gimp and Inkscape.

Any ideas?

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