I want to thank everyone who responded.

The AutoRotate script does what I want, pretty much.

I am studying Scheme, which looks adequate to handle my desire for 
drawing shapes to call out parts of screen captures.

Afterwards, I plan to start trying to comprehend the GIMP project, which 
seems necessary for drawing arrows.

I'm finding the documentation difficult.  I don't mean that I don't 
understand the vast amount of work put into it nor the completeness of 
what's there.

I think my problem is more a matter of a beginner being overwhelmed by 
the size and the number of choices.

What I've found very helpful in other projects of this type is a 
community wiki,  where a beginner like me can submit a "here's how I 
took my first step" tutorial.  The problem is the first steps are 
incomprehensible until you take them, then they become trivial.  People 
who know the project can't really think up the questions, although they 
are the ones with the answers.  (Rereading that, I hope it makes sense 
to someone besides me).

Just for the record,  I've been using GIMP almost exclusively these days 
and hopefully will be contributing to the project soon.

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