xianghang liu <xianghangliu <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I am very interested GIMP and want to join the Gimp project as C
> developer. I am a first-year PhD
> student in computer vision. I would like to start with fixing some
> bugs and then implement new
> features and my final objective is gsoc 2011.
> Do you have any suggestions?
> Xianghang Liu

This is just a suggestion from a user, so I have no idea how difficult or easy
it might be - but if you are interested in adding a very helpful feature to Gimp
please consider working on implementing automatic layer boundary management.

I'll explain:
currently a layer's boundary is managed by the user. after you create a layer,
if you move it, say 100 pixels to the left, there will be a 100 pixel wide area
on the canvas that you can't paint on. The user then has to set the layer
boundary himself to include all the canvas.
It would be great if this was managed by the software, so that whenever a user
wanted to draw on an area outside the layer boundary, it would be automatically
enlarged to allow him to do that. 

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