On 7/26/10, Michael Grosberg wrote:

> What I had in mind by "restart" is to present a future vision of GIMP in a
> manner so attractive that it would find its way into relevant blogs and
> websites such as slashdot.

Slashdot. Right. That's where GIMP developers are blamed every time
whatever they do. What a nice idea :)

As a matter of fact, GIMP is rather regularly and nicely covered by
Ars Technica. Check :)

> unless you supply easily installed test development builds for Linux and
> Windows. It took me some time to compile 2.7.1 myself, and while I assume
> any developer should be able to do that as well, not supplying development
> binaries can raise some doubts: do you have something to hide?

Michael, dealing with people who have this sort of doubts is not the
job for programmers. It's psychiatry. You need a special training for
that. Let's not dive into the pool of amusing misconceptions.
Providing nightly builds or dev builds is not a programmers job. If
somebody wants to do it, let this person speak up and bloody well do

It's been stated in public many times that GIMP team needs all kinds
of help. In my experience it doesn't make any sense telling the team
what to do. Now what *does* make sense is step up and say "Hi, I want
to help you by doing this and that. How do I proceed?"

So I'm tempted to ask: do you volunteer to help the team with raising
awareness of things?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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