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> Despite the fact that GIMP has a very clearly defined vision and very
> interesting features on the roadmap, it may be true that this isn't
> communicated well enough. But this is a matter that should be discussed
> on the gimp-web mailing-list. What we are lacking even more than
> programmers is a capable and thrust-worthy sysadmin to overhaul our web
> services.
> Sven

"isn't communicated well enough" Is an understatement. If there is a roadmap or
a vision somewhere, it is completely invisible to anyone outside the team.

What I had in mind by "restart" is to present a future vision of GIMP in a
manner so attractive that it would find its way into relevant blogs and websites
such as slashdot. This vision should be used as a recruitment tool: it should be
made clear that the project is actively seeking new developers so people that
click the link to see what GIMP has in store. Speaking of which, the current
state of GIMP can also be used to raise some excitement, but that won't happen
unless you supply easily installed test development builds for Linux and
Windows. It took me some time to compile 2.7.1 myself, and while I assume any
developer should be able to do that as well, not supplying development binaries
can raise some doubts: do you have something to hide? do you distrust your
users? do you want to make it hard on them on purpose? It's all a matter of
public perception. 

> PS: Could you pretty please learn to spell the name of the program
> properly? It is called "GIMP" or "GNU Image Manipulation Program" and
> not "Gimp".

Ah, capitalization... yes, that is not my strong point. Don't take it
personally, I also forget to capitalize sentences and proper names sometimes. I
will see to it that I don't make that mistake again. Hey, at least I didn't use
a definite article.

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