On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 18:04 +0000, Michael Grosberg wrote:

> I think the reason is lack of vision and inspiration. There is a perception 
> that
> Gimp isn't going anywhere. To attract people, a project must FEEL as if it's
> going somewhere; people want to see their effort being put to good use. And if
> they know what the result is  going to be in advance, they will be more 
> willing
> to contribute.

Despite the fact that GIMP has a very clearly defined vision and very
interesting features on the roadmap, it may be true that this isn't
communicated well enough. But this is a matter that should be discussed
on the gimp-web mailing-list. What we are lacking even more than
programmers is a capable and thrust-worthy sysadmin to overhaul our web


PS: Could you pretty please learn to spell the name of the program
properly? It is called "GIMP" or "GNU Image Manipulation Program" and
not "Gimp".

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