Apologies to Alexia for being 'rude'. I simply found a forum and used it. :(

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by transforms being on or off. How/
where do I set this?

What more can I tell you about my set up that would help?

I use Ubuntu 10.4, with Gnome and compiz switched on. I use a wacom intuos 3
with pressure sensitivity switched on in gimp.

I've reinstalled 2.7.2 (not 2.7.3 as in the title). I don't like the
tapering effect of the 'Basic Dynamics' brush setting so I've created my own
that sets opacity only so as to emulate what I would typically use in 2.6.
However irrespective of the brush dynamic the brush lags during use. The lag
is unnoticeable with a small 1600x1200 single layer file, but very
noticeable on one that is 1521X2807 with 10 layers.  I typically work on
files double that size in 2.6 without issue.

Switching compiz off possibly improves this marginally but it still lags.

Other than that the Gimp set up is pretty much 'out of the box' standard.
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