In view of what Alexia just said:

>Your problem is interesting, because its contrary to what I >would expect and
>experience myself. For me GIT version performs about twice >as good as 2.6,
>especially with large brushes, and thats with compositing on. >To get the 25px
>round brush to lag at all I have to move lightningfast. and >then it usually
>catches up in under 2 seconds. My hardware configuration is >admittedly 
>better than yours... But 25px brushes really shouldnt be a >problem anywhere.

I am suspecting your Xorg server version, config, or video hardware
has changed as well as your GIMP version.
I found myself, that redraws in paint programs were intolerably slow
until I added the

        Option      "AccelMethod" "XAA"

to the video card config in my xorg.conf.
(EXA is the default, and makes 3d performance much better, but
unfortunately seems to cripple 2d painting performance on my card. XAA
might effect compositing (as in WM compositing) speed significantly

Perhaps you could try the above option and see if it makes any difference.

FYI, I have an ATI Radeon 9800 or thereabouts. I've read that this
problem does not occur on NVidia cards and newer ATI cards.

[incidentally, 2.7 uses Cairo more for display related things (not for
rendering brushes IIRC, but of course in order to see the rendered
brush strokes, the area must be displayed). It's possible that this
impacts your system significantly while using the default EXA
acceleration. So it could be a combination of a change in GIMP and
annoying hardware/driver misconfiguration.]


another Dave :)
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