On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 01:27:48 Dave wrote:
> Wow, guys, If you want to use the mailing list that's fine. but lets
> remove the forum front end or make it read only so that we have a
> standard. Don't beat me up over it.
We dont have control over what gimpusers have on their site as its a 3rd party 
site. Sorry again, if I have been beating you up over it.

> I used the ubuntu ppa found here:
> https://launchpad.net/~matthaeus123/+archive/mrw-gimp-svn
> The version keeps changing. Previous time I tried it, it quoted 2.7.3,
> now it says 2.7.2
Ah, corrected the error then.

> Yes I use a wacom intuos3 with pressure sensitivity switched on in gimp.
I have the same setup then. 

> I'm aware I havent given you anything other than my unscientific
> empirical experience here and I would be amazed if anyone could
> diagnose anything from that. It could be the PPA build is dodgy. It
> could be my config. Who knows. I was hoping someone would just jump up
> and say yes we know its work in progress. 

Your problem is interesting, because its contrary to what I would expect and 
experience myself. For me GIT version performs about twice as good as 2.6, 
especially with large brushes, and thats with compositing on. To get the 25px 
round brush to lag at all I have to move lightningfast. and then it usually 
catches up in under 2 seconds. My hardware configuration is admittedly slightly 
better than yours... But 25px brushes really shouldnt be a problem anywhere.

> Maybe there should be a call for more peoples experiences to try and
> build a bigger picture....
Yes. perhaps. but experiences dont help me fix the problem if there is one. 
Someone who can build gimp themselves and use a profiler and has this issue 
would really help.

-- Alexia
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