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> A few programs (CinePaint for example) use dcraw to allow direct support for 
> opening/processing RAW files of many camera manufacturers. I personally 
> think, that it would be a great feature for GIMP, too.
> I've also read, that the full implementation of GEGL will provide native RAW 
> support in a future version of GIMP. Is this true or is raw support a planned 
> feature at least?

The GIMP product vision [1] states among other things:

   "GIMP is a high-end photo manipulation application"

which certainly includes RAW support out-of-the-box. So yes, eventually 
GIMP will get that. But there is no plan for when the code for it will 
be written. Maybe after GIMP 3.0 when we have high bit-depths and 
non-destructive editing in place will be a good time to include it, but 
no one will reject a good set of patches that adds it already to 3.0.

  / Martin

[1] http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign#product_vision


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