On 9/19/10, Hal V. Engel wrote:

> UFRAW has a nice GIMP plug-in that has full RAW processing features.  Not
> sure why it is necessary to reinvent the wheel.

There are different ways to deal with RAW images. A well-known
proprietary analog of GIMP :) comes with a plug-in that takes care or
doing that (just like UFRaw), but inserts processed images as smart
objects, which means at any time later you can go back and tweaks
things in that plug-in.

This is quite useful when you think about UFRaw and reimporting of
resaved files. But when you think about it more, you'll immediately
spot the problem even in this advanced solution: you have to start the
plug-in, whereas if typical RAW features were implemented natively, in
case of GIMP -- as GEGL ops (some already are) -- you could change
things in-place, which would only boost productivity.

IMO, at some point in the future darktable's plug-ins should be
reimplemented as GEGL ops and pushed to GEGL upstream. But since I
treasure my pathological inability to write code, I'd rather sit back
and enjoy the show :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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