On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 01:39:42PM +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> The way things are going native RAW support in GIMP using GEGL + some
> can-opener library will likely require a dedicated developer in the
> team. Which the team doesn't seem to have right now, being heavily
> shorthanded and outnumbered.

A problem I talked about with people more than once.

I for myself like writing code from scratch and find it
very annoying and exerting to work with code I don't know.

So what I often asked for is something like an overview
on the Gimp-code. A documentation could help, but I personally
would prefer workshops, where I can ask the more expereienced
developers on who things are done.

This saves a lot of time and can motivate people.

Otherwise some developers that could help a lot would just do
different things.

I looked at Gimp's code, and it's much code.

I don't know how other people see it, but such an intro-workshop would make
sense to me. It's just a matter of effective work. Some things can be said
in one or two sentences as answer for a question, or otherwise would take people
weeks to get it from documentation (or even longer, if the docukmentation is
spare or outdated).

Different people, different working and learning styles.

If thge core developers insiste that poeple who want to help has to have 
frustrating time
consuming experiences with other people's code first, than no wonder 
development has slow

Some weeks ago I asked on irc for some help in gimp script programming.
The answers I got were rather uninformed - from people who seem to be developers
in Gimp. No useful answer, rather rhetoric questions instead of answers.

I then got the answer from someone else, who has nothing to do with Gimp coe 
but did a lot Gimp scripting.

For me this was again something like: even the core developers don't know Gimp,
but someone else, who rather is artist and does some scripting for himself,
knows the details.

IMHO this comes from the behaviour that people just look at some code, start to
hack and don't know the rest of the program. And I would guess, that's, because
there is nobody who has an overview, or at least nobody who want's to provide
that knowledge in a way that other people can jump in more easily - withgout
just looking at some small portions of the code.

The time that is needed to look into a big bunch of code could also,
maybe more effectively be used to write something different from scratch.

And that's maybe the reason, or at least one of the reasons, why there are not
enough people that work in the Gimp core ("shorthanded and outnumbered").

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