On 09/23/10 18:57, Chris Moller wrote:
> eBay has been notified of both the possible license infringement and
> also of what they call "fee avoidance"--charging almost nothing for the
> product, a percentage of which goes to eBay, and making their money on
> their exorbitant shipping charges, on which eBay makes nothing.  Between
> these two violations of eBay policy, the auctions are likely to be ended
> and the selling warned not to do it again.
> (My wife is a high-level eBay seller and knows about this sort of thing...)

Nice move , shop the guy to the Ebay police without even pointing out 
the source code requirements and asking him to comply with the licence.

Who gives a shit if he claws back a bit of ebay commission. They're far 
bigger crooks.

Ebay are quite happy for people to do false bidding and have even made 
their system so anonymous that it's damn near impossible to tell 
anything about the bidding history of the phantoms you are bidding 
against. I long since stopped buying on ebay for that very reason. It a 
mugs game.

False bidding suits them down to the ground because they get more comm. 
The fact that it is illegal in most countries where they operate does 
not seem to worry them unduly.

Interesting to note that there is means on the site of reporting people 
fiddling the postage and it's thier number one offence. However you have 
to jump though hoops to report false bidding.

I guess your wife must know a thing or two about that side of ebay as well.

Shame no-one found fit to contact the seller and ask him to do whatever 
it is that Gimp licence requires rather than using some underhand 
bullshit about ebay rules,  that does not concern gimp in the 
slightest,. to stab him in the back.

With that mentality, if your neighbour parks in front of your house I 
suppose rather than ask him to move it, you'd call the police and report 
him for not having enough tread on his tires

Snidey and pathetic.

Hardly the spirit of free software.

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