On Wed, 2010-12-08 at 20:35 +0200, Alexia Death wrote:
> When we are on the subject already, I have a suggestion. Lets save the
> countless noobs time and change the menu label of unsharp mask to
> Unsharp Mask Sharpen?

Seriously, Unsharp Mask is the correct term and it is widely known and
mentioned in pretty much any book/tutorial that covers image
manipulation and sharpening algorithms. It doesn't really help to
disguise the filter by giving it a different name. GIMP is not really
meant to be the application that a noob should use for their casual
image manipulation needs. There are other application that fill this
need and we should leave it to them to present the user with just a
single sharpening algorithm and calling it "Sharpen" (even though it
would most probably be "Unsharp Mask").


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