OK, now the interaction design input:

yes, someone made a terrible mistake more than 20 years ago
by taking a metaphor from the physical photo lab and
using it in the digital software realm without taking
the change of medium into account. this is a very common
mistake, when metaphors are taken from one medium to another.

so it should have never been called unsharp mask.

I have nothing against correcting mistakes made in the past,
but we are in this case stuck with the name.

and as Sven pointed out, our product vision implies
high-end use with thousands hours of (self-)training
included. mastering any professional tool takes that
amount of effort. no shortcuts.

so we have to live with the pro' (in-crowd) name for
this and not make ourselves ridiculous trying to reinvent
this wheel.

the best suggestion I have ever read (and this issue has
been chewed on again and again since the first UI review I
did with Kamila ages ago) is:

On 8 Dec 2010, at 23:39, Sven Neumann wrote:

> About the menu, that's a good point. IMO it would be useful to have a
> "Sharpen" group in the "Filters->Enhance" menu, separated from the  
> other
> filters. Here all sharpen filters can register and having "Unsharp  
> Mask"
> in a group with "Sharpen" should be a good hint on what it actually
> does.

clarification by context. good.


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