On 1/28/11, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Eric Grivel wrote:
>> Which is where my thought of a "boot camp" came in. What if there was a
>> group of potential new developers all struggling with the same learning
>> curve? Wouldn't it be great if an experienced Gimp developer could lead
>> the whole group through a series of exercises, designed to gain
>> experience and understanding of the Gimp and Gegl internals.
> The new people getting an education on GIMP from some sort of "boot camp" or
> Q&A with the developers should write down the information they learn in a
> public document.

Exactly. Write down the question, write down the answers. When the
mass of 'write-downs" reaches a particular point, all the notes can be
transformed into docs for beginners.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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