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> * It seems to work best to put the entire project (all source, and all
> build product) under a project folder in the Home directory.
> * If possible, that should include a *copy *of any external 
> dependencies with environment variables (etc) adjusted accordingly
> * The project ought to be able to exist in a "*bubble*" . . . so as to
> avoid confusion . . . regarding copies of dependencies that might exist
> in the OS.
> * Multiple different project versions ought to be able to exist on the
> same machine without stepping over each other.

Martin has covered that in 

That's rather easy to follow, shouldn't take more take more than an hour*, even 
when running into each problem that's commonly encountered on a default Ubuntu 
install (i.e. no compilers, no developer files, ...) deliberately.

*assuming a broadband connection and something around a 2GHz system, otherwise 
add some buffer for download and compile times

> * If we do it right, compiling for Linux vs. Windows vs. OSx ought 
> require no more than the flip of a switch.

If you've got a build environment set up, it builds with the exact same 

> * Shouldn't we standardize on a common development IDE (like Eclipse)?  

Shouldn't be necessary - if you make sure that the IDE doesn't interfere with 
the autotools build setup and/or introduces its own project files, then you may 
choose any IDE you like.

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