I'd like to write a little bit on some of the topics.

As a beginner developer, I'd like to know the place where answers to all my
"stupid" questions are answered. In one place.

   - How to commit to git tree?
   - What's the best way to submit a patch? When I asked this question on
   this list, I got several different answers - post to mailing list, add new
   bug and post a patch, do both, commit to git tree. Of course some of
   responders wrote that previous responders are wrong and it should be done in
   other way and they do it so... and so on.
   - How to download and compile the source without mixing it with "normal"
   Gimp installation?
   - Who is planning Gimp's development?
   - How do I know what should be done in Gimp?
   - What are planned deadlines for next edititons of Gimp? Are there any?
   - an many many many other.

I think that for a start a Wiki with Q&A edited by everyone could be a good
solution. If it gets too complicated, it can be split in sections, pages,
categories and so on.


I think that a good idea is also to include in such Wiki scripts for
automated downloading sources and dependencies, updating git tree etc. Maybe
not one official script, but several alternatives - each of you writing
about his own script says that it does something different than others'. I
imagine that such a page with scripts could look similar to a Wiki page with
scripts to compile your own PHP source on Dreamhost:
http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Installing_PHP5. There is one "Main PHP 5 install
script <http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Installing_PHP5#Main_PHP_5_install_script>"
- just for a newbie, but also several alternative scripts.

Beginner developers that aren't independent and need some support from more
experienced developers probably aren't at all used to working on an open
source projects, reading through thousands of lines of new code, hundreds of
files and directories. Therefore all their experience is working on some
projects in Eclipse or other IDEs. I'm one a such person :) And although I
tried to use kate, gedit and vim to edit code, it would be much easier for
me to setup and use an Eclipse project. If some of you use IDEs, couldn't
you just write on the Wiki how to setup a project in a few easy steps? Some
of you will write about Eclipse, some about Qt Creator, maybe NetBeans and

*Tutor / supervisor* (an experienced developer)

It's a good idea to choose one or two developers responsible for the whole
"Newbie Developers Boot Camp". Of course the work on Q&A, submitting
scripts, guides for IDEs and maybe some other tips should be done by many
developers, but someone should supervise it and make sure that these guides
are really helpful for people.

>From time to time I can see emails "Hey, I'd like to help you, but don't
know where to start". Some people will get this knowledge on their own (or
will try to get it from IRC channels), but some won't and aren't brave
enough to spam all developers on a Gimp list with his/her newbie questions.

Łukasz Czerwiński
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