On 03/01/2011 03:23 PM, Michael Grosberg wrote:
> Congrats! this is a much-needed step.
> Can I ask what "non-destructive editing" is? According to Adobe, this 
> includes:
> * Color adjustment layers (such as levels, hue/saturation, threshold, etc)
> * filter layers (such as blur, sharpen, emboss, etc)
> * smart objects (i.e., ability to scale / rotate a layer as a single object,
>    without changing its pixel data)
> Maybe this could be expanded upon and prioritized.
> I also have a couple of suggestions for things to put on the roadmap:
> * change the floating selection behavior so that float and un-float can
>    be automatic and not need user's explicit input.
> * Automate layer boundary management so that the user can draw on any point
>    at any time and not worry about increasing the boundary
> * unified transform tool (I remember seeing plans for that last item on
>    Peter sikking's Blog)
> So, what do people here think? I believe all three are essential in making
> GIMP a faster and more hassle free tool. I can expand on these subjects if
> needed.

Thanks, I've added your items as well as mapped features into GIMP 
releases up to GIMP 3.8. (I implicitly include both 'color adjustment 
layers' and 'filter layers' under "Adjustment layers".):

  / Martin


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