On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 07:14 +0000, Michael Grosberg wrote:
> Chris Mohler <cr33dog <at> gmail.com> writes:

> When you start messing around with perspective transform and you drag corner
> points every which way, scale and rotate numbers become meaningless. So,
> Precise numbers are not that useful for a free transform tool anyway.

For painting and general creative work you're probably right, but gimp
is also used for other things.  For example, I often rotate a scanned
image, carefully writing down the exact number, and then if it was too
little or too much, repeat with a slightly different number.

It might work if the transform tools have an option (sorry) to remember
the last value, or a list like curves and levels do today.

> You've got a similar solution in Inkscape, Where the select tool also does 
> Transformations by default with no numerical input, but there is also a dock
> for transforming objects numerically (there are tabs for separate actions, 
> so each transform command is separate).

Or displaying the numbers in tool options in gimp might work.

(I worked on a patch to change the numbers shown in Perspective to spin
boxes just as in the other transform tools, but (1) lost it in a battle
with git recently, and (2) never submitted it as it obviously didn't fit
in with The Grand Vision. I wish I could drag guides around while the
perspective grid was active!)


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