Chris Mohler <cr33dog <at>> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 3:46 PM, Kevin Cozens <kevin <at>> wrote:
> > I'm a little uneasy at the moment about the "ban working with numbers for
> > transformations" comment.
> It would be nice (IMO) to have a dockable that displays the "numbers"
> of the transform tool's current selection and transform, and also
> applies numerical input to the transform tool.

I have a somewhat different solution for this.

When you start messing around with perspective transform and you drag corner
points every which way, scale and rotate numbers become meaningless. So,
Precise numbers are not that useful for a free transform tool anyway.
GIMP could simply keep the existing separate transform tools, but instead of
displaying them as icons in the toolbox, keep them in their own sub-menu under
edit-->transform or something. The only difference would be to make them
behave like one-off dialogs, so once you're done with transforming whatever it
is, the UI reverts to the last selected toolbox tool.
That way you could still have access to precise transformations for those who
need them while not encumbering the more casual users with the numerical info.

You've got a similar solution in Inkscape, Where the select tool also does 
Transformations by default with no numerical input, but there is also a dock
for transforming objects numerically (there are tabs for separate actions, 
so each transform command is separate).

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