On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 02:21:29AM -0500, Kelly Lynn Martin 
> >Hi everyone, can anyone add Kevin Turner's plugins Adaptive Contrast
> >Enhancement and AntiAlias and also the kaleidoscope plugin to GIMP
> >cvs.
> NO!  There are already too many plugins in the main CVS package as it
> is.  Adding more is just making a bad situation even worse.

So lets talk about alternative and sensible ways to solve this. ACE is
definitely more useful for the average gimp user than gap or mosaic
(although these are highly useful to some).

I remember some thoughts about a seperate plug-in cvs server where
most or all plug-ins reside. plug-in authors would easily get access.
plug-ins that don't compile or don't survive beta tests just wouldn't be
distributed (or the plug-in cvs would become a seperate tarball, which
IMHO is not useful, though).

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