On Mon, Oct 18, 1999 at 10:04:35AM -0500, Kelly Lynn Martin 
> >is definitely more useful for the average gimp user than gap or
> >mosaic (although these are highly useful to some).
> IMO, something akin to Perl's CPAN module would be a good idea for
> GIMP plugins.  Don't look at me to write it, though....

I volunteer, if I am allowed to use perl ;)

However, this is an interesting idea indeed. all we needed would be to
ensure some rules on how to create CGAN-able (comprehensive gimp archival
network) plug-ins, i.e. plug-ins that can be installed with no (or with
little) user interaction.

BnP comes to mind, which was created to do this.. there are already BnP
scripts that download all of gimp (including any third party libraries),
build and install it...

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