> > > plug-ins that don't compile or don't survive beta tests just wouldn't be
> > > distributed (or the plug-in cvs would become a seperate tarball, which
> > > IMHO is not useful, though).
> > 
> > What do we do for i18n? Today, there are two translation files:
> > gimp -> core
> > gimp-std-plugins -> plugins shipped with Gimp
> Just as we do now.. no changes are necessary.
> Just that we change how the plug-ins are stored (cvs) does not necessarily
> change the way they are distributed.
> And a few extra messages in gimp-std-plug-ins for plug-ins we do not ship
> because they are unstable don't mind.

The i18n issue isn't where the plug-ins are shipped.  The issue for
plug-ins that are not part of the gimp-std-plugins distribution is the
organization of the translation effort (if there is to be one at all).
What is needed is a place where programmers can put their plug-ins
(and their associated *.po files) and where translators, who are
presumably different people from the programmers, can look to find
translations that need doing.  Without this, the translation effort
cannot be extended to submitted plug-ins in a general way.


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