>  Though sliders are nice to adjust when things dont have a 'enumerated'
>  nature like "tilt sensitivity" - it is hard to justify what a setting of 
>  "35" does, but having a slider is easier since you can visualize the range 
>  easier.. But I am not really sure what the ideal solution would be.. For 
>  percentage-type stuff (0-1 values) sliders are good (like for opacity)

Sliders are nice when you 

        1. Have a well-defined range,

        2. Don't need much precision.

If you do have a well-defined range *and* you need precision, you can
have a slider next to an entry or spin button.

If you do not have a well-defined range, you should use a plain
entry.  GtkAdjustments and spin buttons work OK if you set the range
of the adjustment to something huge.  You don't want to limit things
like image sizes (except for file format limitations) or brush sizes.


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