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> > I know I'm repeating myself, but why not use _both_? In the case of
> > the opacity slider, the number is displayed right beside it. Making
> > this number a spinbutton would not take up very much more screen real
> > estate and it would allow everyone to work with the value in the
> > manner they prefer.
> >
> > I'd like to see more slider/spinbox combinations in the GIMP. The
> > slider is great for figuring out the correct value but being able
> > to tune it by typing in a number is essential for precision work.
> Why not use slider - input box combination? You can adjust the slider with
> keyboard, so the spinbutton is kinda unnecessary - or you can just insert a
> value there..
> If we put there a slider _and_ a spinbutton, we need to beware of making the
> dialogs too large - not everyone has a 21" screen with high resolution, and
> the always-present problem is the screen estate that happens to be too small
> all the time (except when you are doing a 24x24 pixel gnome-stock icon :)
> Thoughts? I am open to correction and willing to learn new GUI things :)
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While we are on the topic of sliders / spinbuttons / entry widgets, I'd like to
point out that it would be nice if the same discussion could be applied to the
l&c&p dialog where transparency in the layer is concerned. I like the slider,
but it would be very nice to have the number next to it (the transparency
percent) be interactive via a text entry blank thing.

It would be a Good Thing [tm], imo.

PS: I like having a slider better than a spinbutton on the ink tool because you
can slide it all the way to the max or min w/o having to incriment slowly
one-by-one (like with a spinner)

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