> > If you do have a well-defined range *and* you need precision, you can
> > have a slider next to an entry or spin button.
> Thats the traditional solution, but from a UI design perspective I've never
> really been happy with it.  I saw dials implemented on an SGI once and
> thought that was a pretty good idea, since end users are familiar with them
> in the "real world".  The problem remains how you make a dial context
> sensitive, where its range is variable depending on other configurations.
> BTW, does GNOME have a dial widget?  I don't think GTK does, but maybe I've
> just not heard anyone talk about it.

Dials are kinda large though. You can fit a lot more sliders and spinbuttons 
than dials to Ink tool's options.. I am not sure if we have a dial, I think
some gtk app might have had such widget somewhere..



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