> That's a good point, but I find that doing fine adjustments with a
> spinbutton is easier than with a slider - especially if the slider's
> length varies with the size of the dialog box it's in.

If an input mechanism, in this case the spin button, is to offer fine
control for the input, and the range is large, then it also has to offer a
high speed method for going through large ranges fast.  This means that the
button has two contexts - click for slow, press and hold to speed up.  

This isn't difficult to implement, but it *is* confusing to the user.  I've
done this on various other UI designs and have always had someone tell me
that it was too hard to figure out how to use it.

This is another reason I like dials - drag fast and spin the dial like a
roulette wheel.  Drag slow and fine tuning is possible.  Such interaction
is apparently more intuitive (at least to the people I've asked).  

But I guess thats somewhat useless info if dials aren't available.

So, nevermind.  :-)

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