>> > Using sliders for these things is wrong.  You cannot specify
>> > things precisely and they have a limited range.  These should be
>> > GtkSpinButtons with a *big* adjustment range instead.
>> Though sliders are nice to adjust when things dont have a
>> 'enumerated' nature like "tilt sensitivity" - it is hard to justify
>> what a setting of "35" does, but having a slider is easier since you
>> can visualize the range easier.. But I am not really sure what the
>> ideal solution would be.. For percentage-type stuff (0-1 values)
>> sliders are good (like for opacity)
>I personally would prefer to use the slider to get an idea of where
>I'm going then type a hexadecimal value from 0x00 to 0xFF to set the
>opacity. However, I know that it is especially important to
>accommodate normal humans who may not actually think in terms of
>numerical values.

Not everyone knows hexadecimal, so make that selectable where possible (0 -
1, 0 - 255, 0x00 - 0xFF, 0% - 100% could mean all the same). But the mix of
slider and keyboard input (spinbutton or input box) is, IMHO, the way to go,
- it has visual feedback
- can be used in coarse way with mouse
- can be used precissely with keyboard (input) / mouse (spin)

>> Maybe the spinbutton would be ok after all, testing it in practice
>> would give more ground to judge the stuff.. It's a lot about how you
>> are used to doing different things and how long you have been using
>> a feature..
>I know I'm repeating myself, but why not use _both_? In the case of
>the opacity slider, the number is displayed right beside it. Making
>this number a spinbutton would not take up very much more screen real
>estate and it would allow everyone to work with the value in the
>manner they prefer.

And will make 50% a real 50% and not vary with the size of the slider making
it 49.7 most of times (just an example, maybe typical is 49.9).

>I'd like to see more slider/spinbox combinations in the GIMP. The
>slider is great for figuring out the correct value but being able
>to tune it by typing in a number is essential for precision work.

Maybe right click slider to launch a dialog where you input precise numbers?
by keyboard It also could show max and min values, or recommended values.
The number is there in most of the sliders, so I see no serious problem
about space: click number, dialog appears. Or convert number to input area.


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