>This is totally wrong in the case of Linux (ok, not unix, but even more

Hehehe, then how will you describe my experiences with other non-unix
systems? Do not waste your time trying: pathetic and noisy just to start.

>With a better layout, gimp swapping should be able to succeed virtual
>memory in all cases (of if partition writes are faster).

Thanks for the info. Then the bad performace of Gimp must be due the fact
that Gimp and kernel were swapping at the same time (so hd heads move from
one point to another constantly).

>(Ok, 2.4 will fix most of linux´ swpaping mess and use a better layout on
>disk, but at the moment what I say holds).

Thanks kernel developers.

Question: Could Gimp use a file with few holes? In otherwords, reserve space
in advance, say in chunks of some MB (so OS tries to make each big block in
an acceptabe layout). And what about partitions, like OS or some CDR apps?


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