Marc Lehmann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Nick, he claims that his software can do the same operation faster on the
> same machine with a linear memory representation.
> So either he lies, he does not know how to measure, his software _is_ twice
> as fast since the tile system in gimp is crap, his software does do something
> completely different or...

A part of the software I'm now working on is over at

It's the rendering part of what will be a general image processing
library. The test program that comes with it is completely different
from the Gimp, but it does contrast & brighness & gamma adjustments
18x (not 2x) faster as the Gimp does it (this is with the Gimp
enhancing on the fly, so no undo information is being saved).

For me it is then natural to question where this speed differential
comes from. Initially I thought it was the tile system but I could be
wrong about that.

That is all there is to it...

  --  Ewald

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