>> About HD: is there a way to do swap on demand to a partition? A daemon, lib
>> or something?
>is this gimp-related (?) or do you want something like swapd? or swap

I know what swapd and swap priorities are (I think I do, OS thing and how
partitions are used). I am speaking about something that "owns" a partition
(or filesystem or warp generator) and accepts request from apps like "hey
you! move this are of my RAM to your storage" and "quickly! give me back the
data I give you some minutes ago".

So Gimp could use it, instead of using OS things (swap or filesystem). I
guess everybody will agree that a partition handled by one process (with
high performance in mind) is a good solution.

Well, now you can point why my suggestion is 100% wrong. ;]

>> I think that is what high end DBs do, handle their own data physical
>these high end db's also do not recommend this technique ;->

Really? Maybe time to get a book about DB implementation. Damn, so many
thing, so few time.


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