On Tuesday, 9 Nov 1999, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Intelligent Scissors:
>    [ cursors are broken here? ]

Depends what you think cursors should be doing.  I do nothing special
to the cursor for iscissors.  You're welcome to do something better.

>    [ no modifiers used ]

Not true: the intent is that it should behave as a selection tool, so
    on click:   <Shift>  add
                <Ctrl>  subtract
        <Shift>+<Ctrl>  intersect
This is on the final click inside the closed boundary which converts
it to an actual selection.  I haven't checked the code, but that was
the intent.

> Blend:
>            <Shift>  15 degrees steps
>               <Ctrl>  horizontal    
>              <Alt>  vertical
>         <Ctrl>+<Alt>  diagonal (45 degress)

Opinion: these could all be merged in to a single "constrain to 15 degree"
modifier, since horiz and vert are special cases of this.  I think
this is what MacPaint did, and it seemed to work well.

Again, I'd recommend someone finding out what PhotoShop's modifiers
do, and just blatantly copy them.  I have two reasons for this:
   a) people used to PS will like this.
   b) some team at Adobe has already done usability testing -
      we can reuse their work.

Good luck in getting a consistent set of modifiers out!


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