> Feels good. However I'm not quite sure what the circle <-> rectangle
> distinction is good for.
> The rectangle mode snaps to guides, whereas the circle mode doesn't.
> Is this a bug in circle mode or the reason for this distinction?

The snap-to-guide happens in the display_canvas_events and affects 
the cursore position, not the endpoint.

> Or am I just too dumb to get the point ?-)

A while ago (around 1.1.8) I changed the behaviour of the paint tools
to do it the circle way and was told by a number of people that they 
preferred the old way. After a while I came to the conclusion that
they are right and reverted the change. I have now tried to implement 
both modes for the 15 degrees constraints so we can compare them
directly. So the whole point is that I'm not sure which mode is more 

Salut, Sven

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