>            <Shift>  15 degrees steps
>              <Ctrl>  horizontal    
>              <Alt>  vertical
>        <Ctrl>+<Alt>  diagonal (45 degress)

A question: then shift does all, no? I think everyone is capable of moving
the mouse around 15 degrees steps. I am not saying to remove the others,
just to know that I only need on key here.

>What a perfect mess!! Suggestions on how to make this useful and
>consistent are welcome... Also, please inform me if this is list 
>is wrong or incomplete.

For things related to directions I will do all two keys:
- first to do lines
- second (that can be hit with the first one if user wants) to make lines at
15 degrees (you can paint diagonal, vertical and horizontals with this,
except if you hands shake a lot).

And all tools that can be used to paint straight lines should use that keys.
If the tool by definition only does straight lines, first key is not used
for anything (except if all the rest mods has been used). Just decide which
key is "line" and which "15 degrees line".

And as many will say, what about coping Photoshop keys if they sound
logical? Because I hope they do and are not a mess like Gimp's.
Does anybody have the list or a URL?


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