Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I think we aggreed that for the paint tools it would be nice to have
> only one modifier key to restrict lines to certain angles. Before I
> implement this, I want you to give me your opinion, how this
> restriction to multiples of 15 degrees should feel like. Since this
> is quite difficult to explain, I have just checked in a modification
> to the blend tool:
> Holding <Shift> restricts you to 15 degrees and puts the endpoint
> on the circle you are defining with your mouse and the startpoint.
> Holding <Ctrl> restricts you to 15 degrees too, but puts the endpoint
> on a rectangle defined by your mouse and the closest 15-degrees angle.
> The latter mimics the behaviour of the selection tools (which I think
> shouldn't be changed). So please give this a try and tell me which
> version you prefer. And please, don't tell me to make it configurable...

Feels good. However I'm not quite sure what the circle <-> rectangle
distinction is good for.

The rectangle mode snaps to guides, whereas the circle mode doesn't.
Is this a bug in circle mode or the reason for this distinction?
Or am I just too dumb to get the point ?-)


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