On Tue, Nov 09, 1999 at 11:59:58AM +1000, David Bonnell wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Ewald R. de Wit wrote:
> > Anyway, today I went over the Gimp sources and noticed how complicated
> > the tile architecture makes things and I couldn't help wondering why
> > the heck it was put in. All it seems to do is to give you an order of
> > magnitude slower speed when dealing with large images. And large
> > images were supposed to be the very reason for a tiling architecture.
> > 
> I'm afraid I have to agree with you on the performance WRT large images.
> I tried editing a couple of large images yesterday (10MB/600dpi) and it
> was painfully slow (Dual 300MHz PII, 128MB RAM).  I've got a 20MB/1200dpi
> one I want to edit and I'm not looking forward to it!

Getting more than 128MB ram does help. Actually, the more the better. I cant
think of too much. I have 380MB at work and manipulating large scans is
_considerably_ faster than with similar cpu but less ram (which is kinda
obvious anyway) 

Also, like someone pointed out, put as much tile-cache as you have free ram
for gimp.

Sucks to have earthquakes in Taiwan just now kicking ram-prices up.. :( 


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