> >>Why not allow the user to choose his/her browser of choice ?
> >>With Netscape, Mozilla, the Gnome Help Browser, kfm, or even
> >>Lynx in an xterm as possible choices, I don't see any problem with this...
> >
> >So Gimp help should be a set of HTML files and a small exec to launch the
> >preferred browser (calling process already running if needed, a la moz
> remote).
> You beat me to it. I was about to suggest that the simplest solution is to
> create simple HTML files for use as help and let the user use whatever
> browser they prefer to use in order to view the help files. This is
> essentially what is done in a Windows based HTML editor known as
 > Dreamweaver (as if you really care what a Windows program does  :-).

It was never questioned that the Gimp help should be simple html files and I 
wonder who ever said that the user will be tied to one browser to use the 
It is true that there's not yet a possibility to specify a different browser,
but who has said that this can't be implemented...

The reason why we think that a gimp helpbrowser is important to have is that 
it can and should be a very small and fast browser. Small doesn't only mean 
memory footprint here, but also screen estate. I'm sure that a lot of people 
will prefer the helpbrowser plug-in over the browser they use for the web or 
the gnome-helpbrowser (which is much too fat for our needs).

Gimp should provide a simple helpbrowser so help is available for everyone.
I don't insist on using GtkXmHtml for it and will have a look into porting 
the existing browser to GtkHtml. But anyway, we will have to find a solution 
on how to integrate or distribute the HTML widget.

Salut, Sven

BTW: You can even know use Netscape to use the help: Just drag the page title 
from the helpbrowser over into Netscape. Oops, I forgot you need the 
helpbrowser for that ;-)

the user should be limited to 

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