On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

> >> > The GIMP should really use the GNOME help browser instead of
> >> > reinventing the wheel.
> >> Will it be possible to get just the wheel without the rest of the car?
> >Maybe I'm not the right person to say this, but WTF...
> >What is the matter with the GIMP developers ? What is this adversion to
> >GNOME ?
> I am feed up of having to install full packages just to get one thing. With
> some distros, this becomes even worse. And as I, there must be more people.

Well thats why we want to have only GtkXmHTML installed and only if it's

> >Why not allow the user to choose his/her browser of choice ?
> >With Netscape, Mozilla, the Gnome Help Browser, kfm, or even
> >Lynx in an xterm as possible choices, I don't see any problem with this...
> Now that are wise words: the user decides which browser. Lot of adventages,
> and I do not see any disadventage (no HTML custom tricks? all HTML docs
> should be "any browser", even if the browser is one with speaker for blind
> people).
> So Gimp help should be a set of HTML files and a small exec to launch the
> preferred browser (calling process already running if needed, a la moz remote).

It's not wise words (it totally %#"#% #!23 words ;-). 

Lynx is not doable (we need pictures)!!!
Some may not want to install KDE or GNOME. Others may have not
have a computer powerful enough to run both Gimp (at full speed) and
Netscape/Mozilla at the same time or they maybe not want to install it.
This leaves us only one option if we want to be independent of a lot of
_really_ big packages. 

Cheers Olof

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