On 11 Nov, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> The difference (IMHO) is that a help system is an integral part of the
> gimp, just like menus, a good ui design or the tooltips are.

 IMHO the best solution would be to leave everything out of GIMP that 
 isn't really necessary for running, including help, catalogs and a
 lot of plug-ins. For these we should have extra packages like
 gimp-german.tar.gz, gimp-english.tar.gz gimp-japanese.tar.gz and
 gimp-fancy-plugins.tar.gz, gimp-often_used-plugins.tar.gz and so on
 which gives the user the possibility to get all the features he/she
 wants without the need to download a single 50 MB package and then
 having online help on its system (possibly in some curious language)
 he/she never wanted... 



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