>I dislike it because it does not say how this is accomplished. Do I have a
>toggle for each tool, for each image, or?

Please read my other mail too. It works like this:

You have the current tool, as you have now in your GIMP. Set it to "pencil".
Select an image. Open the image menu. Select "set active tool" entry. Now
the current tool "pencil" is set as the active tool for this image, and only
for this image. Next time you select this particular image, the tool is
changed to "pencil" automatically.

To remove the active tool setting, select the image and select "remove
active tool" menuentry. The active tool of that particular image is
removed, and the current tool is used for that image at next time.

An image could have an environment data structure:

struct {
  gpointer active_tool;
} image_environment;

If active tool is NULL, the current tool is used. And everything works

Of course, we need to store the pencil settings to the active tool
structure. Discussion on this matter is welcome -- I'm not familiar with
the tool system structures.

When "set active tool" menuentry is selected, active tool structure is
filled with the current tool's settings. And at focus-in, the data is
copied other way.

Discussion is needed: color cannot be stored to active tool setting
because we change that at palette image or elsewhere. The size can be
put to the structure but what if we really want change the pencil size?

Basically this would need a model that we have an active image and when
we change pencil size, we choose if we want update the active tool of that
active image. There was a lot of discussion about the active image earlier
and it would be nice to hear how it ended. Naturally, if a pencil settings
(including color) could be changes from the image menu, there would not
be problems. I'm not sure if GIMP still have the image pop-up menu, but
after I have compiled the latest development version of GIMP, I may
check if I come up with a reasonable "image environment" system.

Now it would be nice that only the tool type is stored to the active tool



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