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> On Tue, Dec 21, 1999 at 01:35:01PM +0100, Raphael Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Any image (or any view?)
> Woaw... tricky question indeed...

I think that it would be more interesting to make that a per-view
option.  This could be useful if you have a very large image and you
want to paint a new area with the same colors as in another distant
area of the same image: you open two views, one from which you pick
the colors and another in which you paint (or draw, or fill, or do
anything that the clone tool cannot do).

> > that has this option turned on would always use the same tool, even if
> > you change the "global" active tool.  That would allow you to associate
> > the color picker with one image, while you are switching tools freely
> This sounds much nicer than the preferences way.

Well, after re-reading the first post, I think that Juhana's initial
idea was similar to that but got misunderstood by everybody (including
me).  Or maybe not.  I don't know.

Anyway, I just thought about something else...  Maybe this sounds like
a solution looking for a problem, but anyway...  Others have mentioned
that in some cases you might want to also associate the current brush,
colors, or other tools/settings to some image.  I thought about that
and here is a possible way to integrate these constraints: add a new
sub-menu in the image menu, containing several entries with tick marks
(or checked boxes or whatever we use to indicate that some entries are
active and some others aren't), one for each tool or setting that can
be locked to the current view.  That would give something like this:

  <Image>/Locked settings/ X Tool
                           X Tool options
                           . Brush shape
                           . Pattern
                           X Gradient
                           . Foreground color
                           . Background color

Instead of "Locked settings", you could call that "Remember for this
view" although this is a bit long.  These options would act like a
mask between a view-specific context and the global context.

These would allow you to play more or less the same tricks as those
that you can do if you have a graphics tablet, although I disagree
with TigerT when he says that this is redundant (note that I do have a
Wacom tablet).  I concede that these options would not be used very
often, but some time ago I had to draw a new pattern in an image using
the same colors as another image.  I did that by repeatedly using the
color picker on the first image, then switching to the rectangle or
oval selection tool for the second image, filling the selection, then
going back to the first image to pick a slightly different color, and
so on.  The "ctrl" shortcut would not have helped in this case since I
was using the selection tools, so I had to switch tools all the time.
Playing with two pens (if you have a tablet that supports that) is not
much better either, because you have to juggle with them all the time
instead of "click here to select, click there to paint".

> PS: it would be interesting to find out what chances features like these
> actually have, I mean: who will remember it when 1.2 is finally released?

Very good question.  I do not intend to implement that anyway, because
the itch is not big enough for me to scratch it.  ;-)  So someone else
who is more interested in that feature will have to take that task.
We might as well forget about it...

Where I work, we use our bug tracking system to report new features as
well as bug reports.  This ensures that the improvement proposals are
not forgotten.  But this can only work efficiently if:
- every developer uses the bug tracking system frequently;
- it is easy to get an overview of what is tagged as a new feature, is
  still open, is rated at high or medium priority, and is not already
  assigned to or taken by someone.
I think that we should look more frequently at the outstanding
Wishlist items on this page: http://bugs.gnome.org/db/pa/lgimp.html
even if AFAIK there is currently no way to assign different priorities
to "Wishlist" items or to know if somebody is already working on it.


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