A new version of the GDynText plugin is available.
I've fixed an undo related bug, now you can undo layer changes and parasites
changes in one step (only one ctrl+z). ;)
You can download it from the plugin registry or at:

And now some developer's related notes! ;)
First of all I've merged some code changes made into the gdyntext shipped with
gimp 1.1.14. However, I don't know who swapped the "Apply" and "Cancel"
buttons, but I don't think that this layout will help users ("Apply" usually
stays between "Ok" and "Cancel"), so I've kept the old one.
I needed to include libgimp/stdplugins-intl.h, which isn't installed with the
other includes but it's only available within the sources tree!

Happy GIMPing! ;)
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